the cannibal – character concept

character concept for a personal project.

some progression steps…
2d, photoshop, concept, character, cannibal, redeck

vui zvui gfui – 2005 animated short

ok, here’s a blast from the past:

vui zvui gfui” is a ~6 min. 2D animated short and my 2005 final thesis at the faculty of design at the augsburg university of applied sciences. it’s kind of a silly story of love…and the dangers of eating wild mushrooms. you can tell that i had to go really fast with this but it also adds something to the look of the film that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. sometimes tough deadlines have their merits i guess…the entire thing had to be finished within ~4 months.


this is a WIP zbrush character i’ve been working on for a while now. he still needs a bit of work…
the chest area and parts of the hair are still bothering me and the gear/clothing needs further detailing.

at some point i finally decided to rework the cloth straps, satchels and the glove using marvelous designer. here’s some WIP progress:


a character bust of some guy who i think would feel right at home in mark schultz’s “cadillacs & dinosaurs” universe. i tried a more stylized approach with this one. actually he was supposed to be way more stylized than he is now but i kinda like where he ended up.


a creature sculpt done in zbrush and textured in substance painter.
it’s a female ghoul or “ghula” inspired partly by the awesome creature designs of “the witcher 3”.


a hard surface model made completely in zbrush, using the zmodeler brush for the most part
and then rendered in keyshot. the decals on the model were made in photoshop and placed
directly within keyshot

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